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    V.A. - 4 Down - Puzzled Together by Bullion
    Deek Recordings
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    18 Oktober 2019

    Puzzled together by Nathan Jenkins (Bullion) and released via his own DEEK Recordings, ‘4 Down’ is the fourth instalment in a series of cover albums. Previously featuring Nilüfer Yanya, Sean Nicholas Savage and many more, this year sees Westerman, M .T. Hadley, Nautic and System Olympia venture across and down to cover Bill Withers, XTC and Mazzy Star.

    Staying true to the “pop, not slop!” ethos of the label, ‘4 Down’ brings together a community of adventurous artists attempting to solve the riddles of pop music one song at a time. A new name here includes north London’s Joviale, who opens the compilation with a version of Rare Silk’s transcendent ‘Storm’. Born out of Bullion's work as a producer and a growing list of collaborations, the idea behind the series was sparked by the common desire to sing a song you wish you'd written. Nathan's move to Lisbon and a meeting with Portuguese artist Bráulio Amado (cover art) inspired this new set of covers. Clues of what to expect can be found on previous editions Covered In Gloria, Pun For Cover and Extraordinary Renditions

    Digitale Titelliste

    1. 1 Storm Joviale 3:39 Kaufen
    2. 2 Inside Out Camila Fuchs 4:22 Kaufen
    3. 3 Making Plans For Nigel C.A.R. 3:43 Kaufen
    4. 4 Kathy's Song Westerman 4:15 Kaufen
    5. 5 Fade Into You System Olympia 4:15 Kaufen
    6. 6 Easy Way Out M. T. Hadley 2:39 Kaufen
    7. 7 Only Over You Nautic 3:54 Kaufen
    8. 8 T'en Va Pas Kiki Kudo & Brian Close 3:43 Kaufen
    9. 9 Missing You Kreme 2:54 Kaufen
    10. 10 Heartbreak Road Bullion 3:00 Kaufen
    11. 11 Watching Trees Nathan Micay & Ben Osborne 3:26 Kaufen
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